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CSDCO governance committees guide facility operations.

All committess have 3-year membership terms, with partial turnover on March 1 each year, or as needed if a member steps down.

Policy Committee (9 members). Provides high-level input to the affairs of the CSDCO, representing the interests of the research community. Supports development of strategic plans, provides policy decisions input and oversight.

  • Brad Clement, JOIDES Resolution Science Operator, Texas A&M University
  • Lisa Park-Boush, University of Connecticut
  • Kerstin Lehnert, IEDA, LDEO, Columbia University
  • Jim Russell, Brown University
  • Jack Williams, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Barb Dutrow, Louisiana State University
  • Andy Cohen, University of Arizona
  • Cathy Constable, University of California-San Diego
  • TBN

Science Committee (9-10 members). Reviews and nurtures proposals and infrastructure development concepts as needed, provides distributed focal points for community input, provides post-project independent review as needed, and supports planning of community workshops.

  • ​Jon Chorover, University of Arizona
  • Chris Campisano, Arizona State University
  • Heather Savage, LDEO, Columbia University
  • Amanda Clarke, Arizona State University
  • Katie Kelley, University of Rhode Island
  • Tim Lyons, University of California-Riverside
  • Ken Miller, Rutgers University
  • Chris Scholz, Syracuse University
  • Suzanne Anderson, University of Colorado

Informatics Committee (3 standing members). Prioritizes development of cyberinfrastructure, provides oversight on data management policies and activities, fosters new linkages. 

  • Doug Fils, Consortium for Ocean Leadership
  • Bob Arko, LDEO, Columbia University
  • Natalie Latysh, US Geological Survey

Outreach, Diversity, and Education Committee (6 members). Reviews CSDCO operations with respect to outreach, diversity, and education. Reviews applications for student summer internship programs, supports planning and funding of appropriate education and outreach activities, prioritizes activities and goals. 

  • Nievita Bueno Watts, Oregon Health and Science University
  • John McDaris, SERC, Carleton College
  • Aisha Morris, RESESS, UNAVCO
  • Kathleen Nicoll, University of Utah
  • Raj Pandya, American Geophysical Union
  • Steve Semken, Arizona State University

Infrastructure Committee (3 standing plus ad hoc members). Prioritizes development of field and lab physical infrastructure, provides safety and environmental assessment, provides post-project independent review.

The LacCore External Advisory Group guides LacCore Facility operations.