Science Planning

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Science Planning

As directed by the National Science Foundation, the CSDCO coordinates the development of long-range science plans through community engagement and prioritization.

The Science Plan is similar to those for ocean drilling and ice drilling communities, and builds on past community white papers and reports, including:

The Science Plan identifies the compelling scientific questions in the coming decade requiring drilling or coring activities, and the infrastructure (drilling tooling, downhole survey equipment, lab instrumentation, cyberinfrastructure, etc.) required to meet the scientific goals. The plans prioritize resource development by the CSDCO, and give funding agencies a roadmap for upcoming community scientific needs.

If you plan to core or drill on Earth's continents (including in lakebeds) in the next 10 years, regardless of the scope of your project, your ideas should be included in the Science Plan.

August 2017: Early Draft Science Plan now available for review and comment.

This partial draft includes content for paleorecord disciplines only, with other disciplines to be added based on the May 18-19, 2017 CSDCO workshop for other scientific disciplines. Please review, comment on, and edit the Plan, and return it to Mark Shapley ( before September 30, 2017:

  • Verify that the scientific motivations capture your work and vision.
  • Suggest additional sites and projects you’re developing to address the scientific questions, with specific timeframes for proposals and field operations noted.
  • Note any gaps in resources required for these projects.

This plan will be used for long-term planning and resource allocation by NSF and CSDCO/LacCore. Be sure your science is represented!