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  • January 15, 2021
    LacCore/CSDCO is now accepting applications for the 2021 Visiting Grad Student Program.
  • January 15, 2021
    LacCore/CSDCO has resumed limited on-campus activities. Protocols are in place to host visitors. If you prefer not to travel, our staff can help to scan, sample and collect data for your cores. Please contact our staff...
  • April 3, 2020
    CSDCO and LacCore on-campus facilities are closed until further notice due to University-wide measures in response to COVID-19. We cannot send or receive any shipments during this time, and all on-campus tasks are...
  • GSA Phoenix 2019
    September 13, 2019
    The 2019 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting in Phoenix is coming! Find us at Booth 106 in the Exhibit Hall to discuss your research plans.
  • Two outcrops with bedding visible. One the left is a grayish and black bedded outcrop; on the right the beds are shades of rusty red.
    February 4, 2019
    St. George, Utah, USA: May 11 - May 16, 2019 (Symposium: May 11-14, Fieldtrip: May, 15-16)
  • A display at the CSDCO/LacCore booth showing drilling and coring field photos, plus a table and brochure display stand
    December 9, 2018
    Anders Noren, Doug Schnurrenberger, Ryan O'Grady, and Amy Myrbo will be at booth 700 in the exhibit hall all week. Bring us your latest great scientific idea and we'll help you make it a reality!
  • Text that reads "U.S. Continental Scientific Drilling and Coring Science Plan 2018-2028: Paleorecords Community - Highlights" with two photos of drill rigs, one on dry land in front of mountains and one on a lake with a glacier in the background
    April 12, 2018
    On April 11 CSDCO/LacCore presented the draft version of the Paleorecords Community Science Plan 2018-2028 to cognizant program officers of the National Science Foundation (NSF).
  • Three bookmarks that each show a section of core - one is olive striped, one brown striped, and one mottled tan and purple.
    February 18, 2018
    The Continental Scientific Drilling and Coring Community Meeting 2018 will be held June 4-5 in Alexandria, Virginia.
  • A red fishing tent on a frozen lake under a blue sky, with a few people working around it
    February 18, 2018
    Come to lacCore/CSDCO for a 2.5-day training in winter coring and core processing!
  • A group of young people on a pontoon boat laughing and holding coring equipment
    February 18, 2018
    LacCore/CSDCO announces grad student and early career researcher training/funding opportunities for 2018!  Application deadline is March 16 for both!