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  • Interior of UMN McNamara Center
    March 27, 2017

    Science Planning Workshop 2

    May 18-19, 2017, Minneapolis, MN

The CSDCO requests participation in the development of a community Long Range Science Plan. If you plan to core or drill on Earth's continents in the next 10 years, your ideas should be included in the Science Plan.

Apply to Attend Science Planning Workshop 2 (Deadline: April 14)

This workshop is for scientific disciplines other than Paleorecords requiring continental drilling and coring: Critical Zone, Deep Biosphere, Tectonics/Magmatism, Fault Zone, Impact Structures, Hydrology, Geothermal, Geochemistry, and others. Participants from the Paleorecords community will be considered if space and funding allow. Travel is supported through CSDCO funding from NSF.

Complete information is available at the Workshop 2 webpage.

Whether attending the meeting or not, researchers from all disciplines are invited to submit an abstract for a drilling or coring project concept.

Everyone should fill out the community survey (3 questions)

Please contact Anders Noren or Amy Myrbo with any questions.