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Visiting Grad Student Program (VGSP)

Competitive travel grants of $1000 support graduate students to visit our facilities with their cores.

LacCore and the CSDCO invite applications to a competitive award program for graduate students working with core samples from continental localities, including lakes. These $1000 grants can be used to support student travel to Minneapolis, core shipment, lodging while at the facility, and supplies consumed in initial core description (ICD). Funds supplement the low-cost instrument access, staff support, and training offered to all visitors. Six grants are available in 2019; these will be distributed between lacustrine and non-lacustrine projects as appropriate to the applications received.

To apply: send (1) a two-page description of the project, including a statement of how working at LacCore would forward the project goals, and (2) a letter of support from the graduate advisor, to Dr. Sheri Fritz [sfritz2@UNL.edu]), by 5 PM Central Standard Time on Friday, March 29, 2019. Applications will be evaluated by Dr. Fritz and the other members of the LacCore External Advisory Group (EAG), along with members of the newly-formed CSDCO governance committees. Award notifications will be made by May 15, 2019.

Students may bring new or previously-collected cores to the Facility. Visits should occur before March 2020, and will involve an approximately one-week stay during which the student will work closely with LacCore staff and be trained in ICD and other techniques, using the student's cores. Awardees are also required to present an informal seminar about their research during the visit.

Applicants are encouraged to contact LacCore/CSDCO Scientific Staff (Kristina Brady Shannon [brad0311@umn.edu], Amy Myrbo [amyrbo@umn.edu], Anders Noren [noren021@umn.edu], Mark Shapley [shap0029@umn.edu]; all can be reached at 612-626-7889) to discuss the scope and aims of their proposed work while preparing their applications. LacCore/CSDCO staff are not involved in the collection of proposals nor in the selection of successful applicants.

The primary criteria for selection are the quality of the proposed science and the degree to which the project would take advantage of, and benefit from, use of the LacCore/CSDCO facilities. Candidates in the earlier stages of their graduate programs, those lacking ICD instrumentation and expertise at their home institutions, and those who have not previously visited LacCore will be given priority. Students from the University of Minnesota are not eligible.

Funds for the LacCore Visiting Graduate Student Program are partially supported by the National Science Foundation - Instrumentation and Facilities Program as part of CSDCO operational funding (1338322).

Recipients of the 2018 LacCore Visiting Graduate Student awards:

  • Jeremiah Bernau, University of Utah (Brenda Bowen, advisor)
  • Elizabeth Klonowski, SUNY Binghamton (Tim Lowenstein, advisor)
  • Morgan Black, University of Kentucky (Mike McGlue, advisor)
  • Kelsey Doiron, Indiana University (Arndt Shimmelmann, advisor)
  • Rebecca Friedel, University of Texas-San Antonio (Jason Yaeger, advisor)

Recipients of the 2017 LacCore Visiting Graduate Student awards:

  • Ellie Broadman, Northern Arizona University
  • Tess Clinkingbeard, University of Washington
  • Kristiana Lapo, Western Washington University
  • Alia Lesnek, SUNY Buffalo
  • Mario Williams, University of Maine
  • Allie Wyman, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

Recipients of the 2016 LacCore Visiting Graduate Student awards:

  • Will Cray, Western Washington University
  • Mitchell Dziekan, University of Toledo
  • Jennica Grady, University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • Jeannie Larmon, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

Recipients of the 2015 LacCore Visiting Graduate Student awards:

  • Kevin Barrett, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Sabrina Brown, Indiana State University
  • Dulcinea Groff, University of Maine
  • Tyler Hoecker, University of Idaho
  • Edward Lo, University of Kentucky
  • Soo Hyun Kim, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Recipients of the 2014 LacCore Visiting Graduate Student awards:

  • Katherine Glover, University of California-Los Angeles
  • Melinda Higley, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
  • S.Nemiah Ladd, University of Washington
  • Avriel Schweinsberg, SUNY Buffalo
  • Hal Wershow, Western Washington University

Recipients of the 2013 LacCore Visiting Graduate Student awards:

  • Elizabeth Ceperley, SUNY Buffalo
  • Erin Martin-Jones, Aberystwyth
  • Kristin Michels, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Paul Zander, Northern Arizona University

No Awards were made in 2012 due to lack of funding

Recipients of the 2011 LacCore Visiting Graduate Student awards:

Sam Beal, Darthmouth College. Sam is in graduate school in the Earth Sciences department at Dartmouth College. He presented his work on the "Spatial and temporal trends in atmospheric mercury deposition to Southern Peru" last August at the 11th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Sam Muñoz, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Sam has been back to visit us many time since his initial award in 2011. Sam presented his work last fall at GSA in a talk entitled: “A Record of Recurrent Prehistoric Land Use for the Cahokia Region, Illinois USA.” Sam is now a postdoctoral scholar at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Xuewei Zhang, Syracuse University.  Xuewei is in his final year of the PhD program at Syracuse University. He presented results from some of his work last fall at GSA in a poster on the “Climatic Control of The Late Quaternary Hyperpycnite Sedimentology of Lake Kivu, East Africa.” He is prepping manuscripts for the two lakes he has focused on, Lake Bosumtwi and Lake Kivu.

Recipients of the 2010 LacCore Visiting Graduate Student awards:

Catherine Beck, Rutgers University.  Cat was back in the lab last fall working on cores for the Hominin Sites and Paleolakes Drilling Project (HSPDP). She completed her PhD at Rutgers and is now an Assistant Professor at Hamilton College.

Benjamin Gaglioti, University of Alaska-Fairbanks.  Ben is continuing to work toward his PhD looking at Arctic and Subarctic Paleoecology. Ben is also currently working as an ecologist for the USGS in Anchorage, AK.

Mark Grosvenor, University of Exeter.  Mark is in the final stages of writing up his PhD thesis, including the data from LacCore as well as additional high resolution datasets (ITRAX run at NOC, Southampton). Mark is currently employed at Exeter as a research technician. He is working on a number of projects ranging from Environmental reconstruction at a Mesolithic archaeological site in the UK to setting up automated palynology in our lab using Massey University's system (Classifynder). Mark has an additional side project as well involving sediment and LEGOs.

Jennifer Kusler, University of Oregon.  Jennifer completed her Masters in 2012 entitled: A 7500 Year Paleolimnological Record of Environmental Change and Salmon Abundance in the Oregon Coast Range. She now works for the USGS in Menlo Park, CA.

Katie Trifone, Alaska Pacific University.  Katie completed her Masters in 2012 entitled “Basinwide Sedimentation processes at glacier-dammed Iceberg Lake, southcentral Alaska.” The results of this work can be seen in the Journal of Paleolimnology (under Katie Diedrich).

Recipients of the 2009 LacCore Visiting Graduate Student awards:

Willie Guerra, Cornell University. Willie completed his Masters at Cornell University and then briefly worked with the Army Corps of Engineers testing water quality. He has now moved on to teaching 8th grade Earth Science at a middle school in Chelmsford, MA. Willie loves the opportunity to use what he learned getting his Masters to encourage a new group of kids to become geologists!

Barb Hanes, University of Toledo.  Barb completed her Masters at Toledo in 2010 entitled “Paleo-storminess in the southern Lake Michigan basin, as recorded by eolian sand downwind of dunes” Barb now works as a private consultant.

Virginia Iglesias, Montana State University.  After completing her PhD, Virginia has started work as a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Montana State Paleoecology group. Virginia’s research focuses on the Holocene fire-climate-vegetation linkages in the western mid-latitude forests of South America

Recipients of the 2008 LacCore Visiting Graduate Student awards:

Joanne Ballard, University of Cincinnati.  Joanne finished her Masters at the University of Cincinnati in 2009. Her thesis was entitled: “A Lateglacial Paleofire Record for East-Central Michigan.” She is now working on her PhD at the University of Tennessee in the Geography Department. Joanne’s research is focused on Quaternary Paleoenvironments & Biogeography.

Marc Parisien, University of California - Berkeley.  Marc completed his graduate work at Berkeley. He has returned to Canada and is working at the Northern Forestry Centre in Edmonton, Alberta.

Benjamin Schupack, University of Colorado - Boulder.  After completing his degree at the Univeristy of Colorado, Ben took a job with BP. He started working for them in the Rocky Mountain Region, but now works for their Brazilian Exploration Group.