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We support more than 400 projects annually.

Search past, ongoing, and conceptual projects here, including large projects not supported by CSDCO / LacCore.

Additional metadata can be found on the LacCore Collection webpage, and through Open Core Data resources. Contact the LacCore Curator for further information.

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Project Name State/Country Named Features Investigators
Anatomy of a Greenhouse World: The Early Eocene of the Green River Basin, Wyoming (GRCO) United States, Wyoming Green River Alan Carroll, Tim Lowenstein, Mike Smith
Argentina Loess (ALDP) Argentina, Buenos Aires Chapadamalal John King, Marcelo Zarate
DeepCHALLA-Lake Challa Drilling Project (DCH) Kenya, Tanzania, Kilimanjaro, Taita Taveta Lake Challa Dirk Verschuren
Lake Powell Drilling Project (PDP) United States, Utah Colorado River-Lake Powell, Escalante River-Lake Powell, Lake Powell, San Juan River-Lake Powell Scott Hynek
MexiDrill Chalco Drilling Project (MEXI) Mexico, Tulyehualco Lake Chalco Erik Brown, Blas Valero-Garces, Joe Werne, Peter Fawcett, Magarita Caballero, Socorro Loranzo, Beatriz Ortega
Project: ONEIDA New York, United States Oneida Lake Chris Scholz. Jacki Corbett
Searles Lake (SLAPP) California, United States Searles Lake Tim Lowenstein, David McGee
Solid Earth response of the Patagonian Andes to post-Little Ice Age glacial retreat (GCO)
Trans-Amazon Drilling Project-TADP (TADP)