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Backpack Drill

Ultra-lightweight conventional diamond coring drills are available through several manufacturers, for shallow drilling (20cm to a few meters) in hard lithologies at remote locations that can be reached only by hiking, helicopter, or other means that require the lightest and smallest equpiment loads. Motors are generally in the range of ~1 kW, fluid circulation is accomplished by a small tank pressurized by a manual pump, and core sizes are small (A or E / 3.3 or 2.3cm diameter). The drill is manually stabilized and the weight of the operator advances the drill string. Like all conventional diamond coring systems, drill rods must be completely extracted from the borehole after each coring run, which limits the rate of coring as depths increase and in fractured or unstable formations.

Used For:
Lightweight, backpack-ready drill system for shallow sampling at remote sites. Best core recovery/quality in hard lithologies.
Conventional Diamond Coring
Dimensions and Weight:
~20-50kg, 100x50x50cm
Core Diameter/Profile (cm):
Staff Requirements:
Maximum Formation Depth (m):