Bolivia corer after drive
Bolivia corer after drive

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A modification to the Livingstone, called the Bolivia corer, replaces the Livingstone’s 2-inch (5 cm) steel barrel with standard polycarbonate tube, eliminating the need to extrude cores and providing superior retention of upper watery sediments. When a depth is reached at which sediments are too tough for the polycarbonate tube (usually at least several meters below lake floor, depending on sediment characteristics), it only takes a few minutes to switch to the steel barrel and continue coring in the same hole. The Bolivia can also be deployed with a square rod long enough to take 1.5-meter drives, increasing efficiency in both coring time and polycarbonate tubing utilization. Maximum depths attainable. 

Instructions for the operation of the Bolivia corer.

Direct Push, Piston, Repeat-drive
Minimum Water Depth (m):
Maximum Water Depth (m):
Maximum Sediment Depth (m):
Dimensions and Weight:
6 kg, 7x7x150cm, plus drive rods
Minimum Open-Water Deployment Requirement:
vessel with moonpool
Core Diameter/Profile (cm):
Fine-grained, Soft Sediment