Griffith corer on ice
Griffith corer on ice

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Griffith/O'Grady Surface Corers

The single-drive Griffith corer consists of a simple but robust core head that connects standard polycarbonate tube to Livingstone drive rods. The O'Grady surface corer is a simple, low-cost addition to a Livingstone-Bolivia corer, consisting of a ~15-cm square rod that attaches to the other Livingstone-Bolivia corer components to collect a surface drive efficiently. These corers are pushed into the sediment with drive rods, and a piston provides the suction needed for recovery. The length of tube and the character of the sediments limit core length, and operation becomes difficult in water deeper than 30m or with core tubes longer than ~3m.

Instructions for the operation of the surface corers.

Direct Push, Piston, Surface Coring
Minimum Water Depth (m):
Maximum Water Depth (m):
Maximum Sediment Depth (m):
Dimensions and Weight:
2 kg, 10x10x30cm, plus drive rods and core tube
Minimum Open-Water Deployment Requirement:
Core Diameter/Profile (cm):
Fine-grained, Soft Sediment