ICDP Damen Barge

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ICDP Damen Barge (DLDS)

The Deep Lakes Drilling System (DLDS) barge is a modular platform consisting of 6 joined segments. 

Each of the segments has dimensions equal to a standard 40-foot intermodal shipping container, which allows transport via truck, rail, and ship, and assembly with a crane. Position is maintained by heavy anchors deployed from each corner of the platform. Owned by the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP), the DLDS barge is available for ICDP-supported projects requiring deployment of a drilling rig, mud works, and associated equipment on a floating platform.

Dimensions and Weight:
Length: 24.4m Width: 7.3m Tower Height: N/A Weight: 91,000 kg
Shipping Requirement:
7 x 40-foot intermodal containers
Transportation Requirement:

tractor-trailer with container chassis

Deployment Requirement:

solid shoreline with 1-2m water depth; 50-ton crane