Kullenberg platform

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Kullenberg (platform)

The LacCore R/V KRKII is a large platform consisting of two 19-foot (5.5m), 950-pound skiff boats bolted together with aluminum deck plates and beams.

It can be disassembled and towed behind a heavy-duty truck or shipped in a standard 20-foot shipping container. It was engineered and custom-built for Kullenberg coring, for which it provides a large, stable work surface, a 6.5m quad-leg tower, and 5m long moonpool. At 6m long and 5.5m wide, it is larger and heavier than is necessary for most other types of coring operations, and it is more difficult to ship and requires more time to assemble than more appropriately-sized platforms.

Dimensions and Weight:
Length: 6m Width: 5m Tower Height: 6.5m Weight: 3,600 kg
Shipping Requirement:
40-foot intermodal container
Transportation Requirement:

truck with 3,600 kg towing capacity plus 400 kg additional gear

Deployment Requirement:

boat launch