Lake Tools

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Lake Tools

Based on the design of IODP soft sediment drilling tools and scaled to allow deployment from small drill rigs, the three Lake Tools collect high-quality soft sediment core samples from modern sedimentary basins and soils. 

Each tool requires a P-size drill string (122.6 mm diameter borehole) and collects a 3m long, 66.3 mm diameter core in a polycarbonate liner.

The Hydraulic Piston Corer (HPC) is used in the upper intervals of soft sediment, to depths of ~150 m. It collects core by pumping water into the drill string to create high pressures, which break shear pins in the tool and fires the inner barrel 3m into the sediment. Similar to the IODP Advanced Piston Corer (APC)

The Extended Nose Corer (EXN) is used in firm sediments, after HPC refusal. During the coring run, the drill string is rotated and fluid is flushed through the system to remove cuttings, but the non-rotating shoe of the corer extends ~20 cm below the cutting bit and is pushed into the sediment for an undisturbed sample. Similar to the IODP Extended Core Barrel (XCB)

The Alien Corer (ALN) is a rotary corer, which grinds through hard formations, salt beds, cemented intervals, and other lithologies that cannot be cored with HPC or EXN tools. Similar to industry standard diamond coring tools and the IODP Rotary Core Barrel (RCB)

Used For:
Specialized tools for high-quality cores in soft sediment
Extended Shoe Corer (EXN), Rotary Diamond Corer (ALN), Wireline Hyrdaulic Piston Corer (HPC)
Dimensions and Weight:
100s of kg, plus rig, rod, and associated equipment
Soft Sediment, Soil/Regolith
Staff Requirements:
professional drillers
Maximum Formation Depth (m):
700 meters, or drill rig limit