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Lab Services

The LacCore Facility offers a range of analytical services and offers training and instrument time to visitors, and develops standard operating procedures (SOPs) with input from hundreds of researchers around the globe, for local training and use anywhere.

Initial Core Description (ICD): Commonly consists of nondestructive scanning measurements, splitting the core in half lengthwise, high-resolution digital linescan imaging of the core face, macro- and microscopic identification of sedimentary structures and composition; and subsampling for detailed sample preparation and analysis. Specific logs and scans include:

Whole core (preferred) or split core logs with Geotek MSCL-S for:

  • Magnetic susceptibility (loop)
  • Gamma density
  • p-Wave velocity and amplitude
  • Natural gamma radiation
  • Electrical resistivity

Split core logs with Geotek MSCL-XYZ for:

  • Magnetic susceptibility (point / high-resolution)
  • Color reflectance spectrophotometry

Digital linescan core imaging, with cross-polarized filters for elimination of glare on core face

ITRAX XRF elemental core scans

X-radiographic imaging

X-ray computed tomography (CT) scans for 3D density imaging

Subsample preparation and analysis for petrographic smear slides, particle size, loss on ignition, SEM/EDS, pollen, diatoms, phytoliths, charcoal, AMS-14C, pollen concentrate AMS-14C, and others.

Additional scans and subsample analyses are available through other labs and vendors.