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Data Archive

Data generated at the LacCore Facility and sample metdata are permanently archived and available for distribution following NSF data access policies.

Data include:

  • Core and subsample metadata
  • Core images and image-derived color data
  • Lithologic descriptions
  • Smear slide descriptions
  • Multisensor core logger data
    • Magnetic susceptibility (loop and point sensors)
    • Gamma density
    • p-Wave velocity and amplitude
    • Electrical resistivity
    • Natural gamma radiation
    • Color reflectance spectrophotometry
  • XRF core scanner elemental data
  • X-radiographic core images
  • X-radiographic computed tomography (CT) slices and 3D reconstructions
  • Subsample analytical data: grain size, loss on ignition, TIC/TOC/TC, biogenic silica, water content, etc. 

Data access: