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Correlator is a free, open source application for core stratigraphic correlation, splicing/compositing, and integration with downhole logs and age models. It is available for macOS and Windows.

Correlator is the update of the Splicer and Sagan applications long used on UNIX systems in IODP cruises and other soft sediment deep coring projects. Outputs are community standard means for describing alignment of cores from adjacent boreholes and core composite profiles (splices). CSDCO/LacCore and the JOIDES Resolution Science Operator (JRSO) coordinate and co-fund development prioritized by community user input, with additional oversight by S. Higgins (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University).


Submit feature requests or bug reports: Correlator Feedback Form

User guide: JRSO Stratigraphic Correlation Support User Guide (scroll down / search for Correlator-specific content)

Depth scale reference: IODP Depth Scale Terminology

Corelyzer + Correlator Tutorials

Loading Image Section List

Loading Image Section Lists

Making Corelyzer Correlator Ties

Making Corelyzer-Correlator Ties

Applying Affine/Splice Table

Applying Affine/Splice Tables