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My research interests include carbon and sulfur biogeochemistry; paleorecords of human-induced land use change including risks to wild rice lakes; lacustrine sedimentology; and radiocarbon age-depth modeling using Bacon.  I am heavily involved in undergraduate and graduate student training and support, including REU and Keck Program projects, the Drilling and Coring Summer Institute, Visiting Graduate Student Program, and CSDCO Short Courses (open to all researchers, not just ECRs!).

I do my best to further the cause of equity in the geosciences, and advocate for community-driven research (CDR), including collaborative research with Indigenous communities in the Great Lakes region, North America, and worldwide. I encourage everyone, especially academics, to talk about and take care of their mental health - seek therapy, medication, or other treatment as appropriate, until you find something that works. You are not alone!

I can almost always be found at CSDCO/LacCore booths at GSA, AGU, and other meetings, doing outreach to the academic and professional communities.