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Workshop: November 2016

Workshop 1: Scientific Drilling/Coring and Earth-Life System Evolution

  • Nov. 13-14, 2016
  • Hilton Arlington
  • Arlington, Virginia

The Continental Scientific Drilling Coordination Office (CSDCO) at the University of Minnesota requests participation in the development of a community Long Range Science Plan. 

This process includes:

Workshop 2 (May 18-19, 2017, Minneapolis, Minnesota). Other domains requiring drilling and coring: CZO, Deep Biosphere, Tectonics/Magmatism, Fault Zone, Impact Structures, Hydrology, Geothermal, Geochemistry, and others.

About Workshop 1:

The goal of this workshop is to identify and prioritize the compelling science drivers, drilling/coring targets, strategic frameworks, and timelines focusing on continental sedimentary basins for the establishment of paleorecords in the coming decade. Projects include, but are not limited to, collaborative efforts and co-funding with international partners. Investigators with committed funding from the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP), or those who will seek such support, are particularly encouraged to participate. 

The outputs from this process will form the basis for development of the CSDCO Long Range Science Plan. This document will serve as a community roadmap and allow the identification and development of resources required (site surveys, drilling and/or borehole survey technology, field support services, lab instrumentation, data infrastructure, focused workshops, and others) to reach the goals.

Short presentation slots will be available in the agenda for participants to provide brief overviews of the scientific rationale for proposed drilling/coring targets and strategic frameworks. Participants may also bring posters for display during the workshop.

Workshop 1 Meeting Dates:

  • Saturday Nov. 12: arrivals, informal gatherings
  • Sunday Nov. 13: meeting (full day)
  • Monday Nov. 14: meeting ends 4pm, return home early evening


A shared Google Drive folder contains the workshop agenda and participant list, and recent community reports and white papers that are the fundamental background for the workshop:

  • Project concept abstracts submissions
  • Community survey results
  • 2013 Continental Scientific Drilling Workshop Series Report (Ch.1: Evolution of the Earth System)
  • 2012 East African Lake Drilling Workshop Report
  • 2014 ICDP Science Plan
  • 2014 NSF Dynamic Earth: GEO Imperatives & Frontiers 2015-2020
  • 2014 Seddon et al. article: 50 Priority Research Questions in Paleoecology

The workshop deliverable is a draft of major components of the Long-Range Science Plan, describing the science drivers, drilling/coring targets and frameworks, and infrastructure requirements.

If you wish, bring a poster to hang on the meeting room walls. We will provide tape. 

If you have questions or comments about this community science planning effort, please contact Anders Noren at or Amy Myrbo at